Facts and Myths about Herpes

Facts and Myths about Herpes


Herpes infection is surrounded by a lot of myths. These myths have gotten to the minds of a lot of individuals. One should be keen enough to underline any grapevine misinformation that might have them think otherwise about the basic facts about the infection. Whether infected or not, people should take it upon themselves to enrich themselves with knowledge on all that surround herpes infection. This will prove important more or so as one might not really know if they will be the ones to contract the disease in future. A great percentage of the American population suffers from herpes, this has had doctors term the disease as a dermatological catastrophe and they might overlook testing for it on individuals who come for regular checkups.


It is quite easy to get infected with herpes and that is the main reason why the disease is quite easy to contract. This has made herpes one among the most commonly transmitted sexually transmitted disease. Anything popular will come with a lot of controversy and misunderstanding, from those that are oblivious of the facts and only ride on what they hear. This is the main reason why herpes infection comes with a lot of myths which are nothing close to the facts that stand out in terms of herpes infection.

One of the most absurd myths that surround herpes infection is that the disease only infects some certain type of people. This is not the case as the disease can affect any living individual as its transmission is quite easy. The disease mostly affects individuals who are involved in unprotected sex. Most people also think that the disease only affects dirty people and individuals who are used to living and leading promiscuous lives. This is however not true. The disease has nothing to do with anybody’s level of cleanliness. It can affect anybody from extreme neat individuals to those who are not that keen on cleanliness. In terms of lifestyle, the disease in its early stages of infection is almost impossible to notice and therefore the infected can infect anyone; not necessarily those that live and lead a promiscuous lifestyle.

Others choose to overlook oral herpes and put a lot of attention on genital herpes thinking genital herpes infection is ultimate sin. The two are similar and the only difference is the area the virus infects and the two different types of strands responsible for the different infections. Herpes cannot be transmitted through blood as others might also think. The virus gets to the body system through small cuts if the uninfected happens to come in contact with an infected individual.


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