Getting Rid Of Herpes Sores

Getting Rid Of Herpes Sores

Once an individual is infected with herpes, they might experience very painful and uncomfortable symptoms. The symptoms vary from one individual to the other. Some might begin showing the symptoms days after infection, while others might have the virus embedded in their system without ever showing any signs of infection. This is different for different people – the symptoms also vary and they don’t really follow a specific pattern. They might have similar symptoms but the symptoms don’t really follow a pattern of occurrence. One common symptom that is common across the board is development of itchy pimples that might develop to sores and in grave cases, mature into very painful bleeding ulcers.

herpes-simplex_IThere are two types of herpes sore virus. The herpes virus exist in two strands, the HSV1 which forms sores on or around the mouth and the HSV2 that causes sore formation around the genital areas of the infected. The sores are very painful and uncomfortable and might have the infected experience a lot of discomfort as they urinate. This is because the warm urine touches on the painful sores. The sores can however be treated by taking anti-viral medication during the outbreaks. The anti-viral medications are effective during outbreaks as it is only during this time that the virus displays its character. The medication with assistance from antibodies will counter the effects of the virus.


This is good as it helps in finding a solution to curb the outbreaks however the sores will still be seen on or around the infected area. It is therefore necessary for any infected patient to know what exactly they can do to treat the sores. Once diagnosed with the virus, the doctors will tell the infected what to expect and give some medical prescriptions of creams and powders that help in drying of the painful sores. This will only be possible if the infected maintains clean and dry infected parts.

Apart from the medically prescribed medication their also exist herbal medications that can help in drying off the sores. The medications however work differently for different people. As much as one might choose to consider some type of medication that a similar infected person referred them to. Lemon balm for instance has anti-viral agents that will see to it the sores dry off quickly. Another option that the infected can choose or try is using milk of magnesia, which when applied will relieve the pain they experience and have the sore dry with time.


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